The Beep Test

image courtesy of Heather Lighton
image courtesy of Heather Lighton-

image courtesy of Heather Lighton-

Michael Meneghetti 

The Beep Test is better than art

In a modified set up at Kings Ari, a nine metre Beep Test track has been laid out to see what fitness level participants can achieve. The Beep test (otherwise known as the Shuttle run) works by running in short sprints back and forth at the start of a beep. There are ten shuttle runs to every level and the frequency of the beeps increases as the test rolls on, making it harder to continue running. When a participant can longer keep up with the beeps, the last level reached determines the fitness. The Australian Defence Force fitness test passing requirement is level 7.5. 

More often than not, health and physical well being is not cultivated into a professional art practice. With Art, the level of excellence achieved is gauged in a subjective manner, through suffering, sacrifice and determination. Fitness improvement is linear, it starts with a commitment similar to art producing tangible results.

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