High visibility camouflage jacket

Ben Raynor

High visibility camouflage jacket

This High visibility camouflage jacket is a combination of blaze orange that is used for high visibility safety clothing and M81 Woodland military camouflage pattern which is the most ubiquitously used military camouflage.


Intended function

Designed for the use in hunting this “makes the hunter obvious to humans but relies on the fact that most large game animals, such as deer, are dichromats, and perceive the orange as a dull color.” *


This example is a jarring splice of two usually contradictory design functions. Unlike similar purposed designs available that make a unique attempt to create a distinctly new design, this example takes the two design elements and crudely combines them; the result is a hybrid that shows traces of both origins, a poetic juxtaposition of sign.


* Wikipedia, Camouflage, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camouflage

all images on this post courtesy of Ben Raynor