Better Than Art

Aaron Carter  +  Amy Marjoram  +  Andrew Atchison   +   Andrew Kershaw
Ben Raynor  +  Briony Barr  +   Candice Cranmer  +  Charis McKittrick
Clinton Milroy & Kevin Chin  +   Devon Ackermann  +   Hao Guo
Joel Zika  +  Kate Robertson  +  Ka-Yin Kwok  +  Keith Wong
Kel Glaister  +  Kieran Stewart  +  Kiron Robinson  +    Lily Feng
Lou Hubbard  +   Louis Porter  + Marion Piper + Michael Meneghetti
Paul Yore  +  Rebecca Adams  +  Remie Cibis  +  Sanja Pahoki
Siân Darling  +  Tamsin Green   +  Yvette King

with a video commentary by Mark McGowan- The Artist Taxi Driver (UK)

Curated by Amy Marjoram
with YouTube program curated by Remie Cibis

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