A YouTube program curated by Remie Cibis

Youtube, program curated by Remie Cibis

“These days you get five million people looking at a fucking youtube video of I don’t know, a polar bear eating an ice cream or something.”- Keith Wong

image courtesy of Heather Lighton- http://heatherdiaries.blogspot.com/

Single Discrete Video Projection:
Remie Cibis

ピンクバニーちゃん uploaded by: tomomama3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miGV4nrvuUk&feature=relmfu


YOUTUBE PROGRAM: (For the Better Than Art exhibition, this program ran on CD loop on laptops)

Kevin Chin

Korean boy sings Mariah Carey’s We Belong Together (Parody: We Will All Go Get Her [Pay Back])


Hao Guo 双汇埋肉 – Meat Packing Plant Bury Clenbuterol Meat, 豆汁威廉 [2.18]

[2.18] http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/oR3k6cr7TWA/

Lily Feng Chloe “Spring”
uploaded by: Jim Hansen [1.14]


Andrew Atchison Chloë Sevigny and Courtney Love talking to Elizabeth Peyton then the hair talk begins!
uploaded by: LucifersTreasure [2.02]

Kiron Robinson Dancing at the cafe “Bande a Part (AKA Band of Outsiders)”
uploaded by: James [4.15]

Marion Piper Baby Says F*ck It
uploaded by: EpicViralVids [0.26]

Kate Robertson 六小福+有福,
uploaded by: binkey0928 [0.51]


Louis Porter Султаны,
uploaded by: EmpiricSchool [3.10]


Amy Marjoram Finding Panties pt 1
uploaded by: lexyktylor[4.14

Michael Meneghetti Penetracion
uploaded by: emilianowigutow [0.07]

Ka-yin Kwok The Right Combination by Seiko & Donnie Wahlberg
uploaded by: seiko62 [4.24]

Sanja Pahoki The Notebook MTV Best Kiss Award
uploaded by: Has [2.00]

Kel Glaister Highest parachute drop
uploaded by: David [2.18]

Devon Ackermann Ducks blown off their feet by the wind
uploaded by: Derbydanx [0.45]

Paul Yore Tracey Emin on the Loose
uploaded by: kamalika1234 [1.05]

Lou Hubbard Lesley Gore – “You Don’t Own Me” Live
uploaded by: RandY [1.48]

Amy Marjoram ask alexyss finding panties pt2
uploaded by: alexyktylor [3.17]

Yvette King Caplin Rous Begs for a Popsicle
uploaded by: Melanie [4.55]

Remie Cibis Japanese gameshow w/ monitor lizard
uploaded by: Fleeeq [1.28]

Joel Zika Chase the cat with noface
uploaded by: fckjulien1000 [0.43]

Yvette King Dachshund plays fetch by himself
uploaded by: cutebreak [2.09]

uploaded by: austyarchive [1.30]

Tamsin Green Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn’t seen it)
uploaded by: Nicoloski [3.42]

Briony Barr Ferrofluid
uploaded by: Bill Buzbee [1.53]

Ka-yin Kwok cat on turtle.flv

uploaded by: babamail123 [1.13]

Louis Porter MM2 CTB M16 中環(3號碼頭)←→上環地鐵站 (循環線)
uploaded by: hungsun1996517 [1.43]

Devon Ackermann Cat Thrown in a Bin Animal abuse. With sad Music
uploaded by: vSBLEOO [1.26]

Joel Zika We like the moon
uploaded by: Obrion [1.28]

Michael Meneghetti Mandatory Vaccination Survival
uploaded by: Onision [3.14]

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