Better Than Art

Aaron Carter  +  Amy Marjoram  +  Andrew Atchison   +   Andrew Kershaw
Ben Raynor  +  Briony Barr  +   Candice Cranmer  +  Charis McKittrick
Clinton Milroy & Kevin Chin  +   Devon Ackermann  +   Hao Guo
Joel Zika  +  Kate Robertson  +  Ka-Yin Kwok  +  Keith Wong
Kel Glaister  +  Kieran Stewart  +  Kiron Robinson  +    Lily Feng
Lou Hubbard  +   Louis Porter  + Marion Piper + Michael Meneghetti
Paul Yore  +  Rebecca Adams  +  Remie Cibis  +  Sanja Pahoki
Siân Darling  +  Tamsin Green   +  Yvette King

with a video commentary by Mark McGowan- The Artist Taxi Driver (UK)

Curated by Amy Marjoram
with YouTube program curated by Remie Cibis

Torturing David Cameron and The Queen is Better Than Art

Mark McGowan- The Artist Taxi Driver (UK) was invited to discuss what he thinks is Better Than Art. The video he made in response to this request ‘Torturing David Cameron and the Queen is better than art’ is above.

A YouTube program curated by Remie Cibis

Youtube, program curated by Remie Cibis

“These days you get five million people looking at a fucking youtube video of I don’t know, a polar bear eating an ice cream or something.”- Keith Wong

image courtesy of Heather Lighton-

Single Discrete Video Projection:
Remie Cibis

ピンクバニーちゃん uploaded by: tomomama3


YOUTUBE PROGRAM: (For the Better Than Art exhibition, this program ran on CD loop on laptops)

Kevin Chin

Korean boy sings Mariah Carey’s We Belong Together (Parody: We Will All Go Get Her [Pay Back])


Hao Guo 双汇埋肉 – Meat Packing Plant Bury Clenbuterol Meat, 豆汁威廉 [2.18]


Lily Feng Chloe “Spring”
uploaded by: Jim Hansen [1.14]


Andrew Atchison Chloë Sevigny and Courtney Love talking to Elizabeth Peyton then the hair talk begins!
uploaded by: LucifersTreasure [2.02]

Kiron Robinson Dancing at the cafe “Bande a Part (AKA Band of Outsiders)”
uploaded by: James [4.15]

Marion Piper Baby Says F*ck It
uploaded by: EpicViralVids [0.26]

Kate Robertson 六小福+有福,
uploaded by: binkey0928 [0.51]


Louis Porter Султаны,
uploaded by: EmpiricSchool [3.10]


Amy Marjoram Finding Panties pt 1
uploaded by: lexyktylor[4.14

Michael Meneghetti Penetracion
uploaded by: emilianowigutow [0.07]

Ka-yin Kwok The Right Combination by Seiko & Donnie Wahlberg
uploaded by: seiko62 [4.24]

Sanja Pahoki The Notebook MTV Best Kiss Award
uploaded by: Has [2.00]

Kel Glaister Highest parachute drop
uploaded by: David [2.18]

Devon Ackermann Ducks blown off their feet by the wind
uploaded by: Derbydanx [0.45]

Paul Yore Tracey Emin on the Loose
uploaded by: kamalika1234 [1.05]

Lou Hubbard Lesley Gore – “You Don’t Own Me” Live
uploaded by: RandY [1.48]

Amy Marjoram ask alexyss finding panties pt2
uploaded by: alexyktylor [3.17]

Yvette King Caplin Rous Begs for a Popsicle
uploaded by: Melanie [4.55]

Remie Cibis Japanese gameshow w/ monitor lizard
uploaded by: Fleeeq [1.28]

Joel Zika Chase the cat with noface
uploaded by: fckjulien1000 [0.43]

Yvette King Dachshund plays fetch by himself
uploaded by: cutebreak [2.09]

uploaded by: austyarchive [1.30]

Tamsin Green Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn’t seen it)
uploaded by: Nicoloski [3.42]

Briony Barr Ferrofluid
uploaded by: Bill Buzbee [1.53]

Ka-yin Kwok cat on turtle.flv

uploaded by: babamail123 [1.13]

Louis Porter MM2 CTB M16 中環(3號碼頭)←→上環地鐵站 (循環線)
uploaded by: hungsun1996517 [1.43]

Devon Ackermann Cat Thrown in a Bin Animal abuse. With sad Music
uploaded by: vSBLEOO [1.26]

Joel Zika We like the moon
uploaded by: Obrion [1.28]

Michael Meneghetti Mandatory Vaccination Survival
uploaded by: Onision [3.14]

Jack Darling

image courtesy of Heather Lighton-

image courtesy of Heather Lighton-

image courtesy of Heather Lighton-
-jack has a momentary freak out from robotic ducks and running in the gallery,  nothing a quick cuddle cant fix.

Siân Darling

Jack Darling, mixed breed dog

Jack Darling was rescued from the barely clasping clutches of a pregnant woman on heroin. He was on a main road, almost hit by a car right before our eyes. When we told the woman, she said, “Oh that’s ok. He’s fine. We don’t even really want him.” When we asked why he was covered in scabs, she said, “Oh, my partner kicks him n stuff. Yeah, we don’t really want him.” The woman was doing a favour to jack’s first owner, a former barrister who became an alcoholic and who passed away. With his shady history of abuse and self-sufficiency, Jack bears no grudge to humans. In fact, he often glistens his eyes in our direction, offering anything he can. Jack’s gentle disposition is better than art.

A back-to-back

image courtesy of Heather Lighton-

image courtesy of Heather Lighton-

image courtesy of Heather Lighton-

Andrew Kershaw

A back-to-back

From the bed sheets to bad streets, this two in one will be the most reassuring garment out there. Now you can feel like someone always has your back.
Available in XXXL and XXXXL.

pictured: Andrew Kershaw & Sian Darling.

Church Sign

Kel Glaister

Church Sign

This sign  was on a church in Weimar. The text translates as “Faith is like a rope that you can hold on to.” I like it because they included a real rope that is a) too short to be of any use, and b) not attached to anything.        

The Beep Test

image courtesy of Heather Lighton
image courtesy of Heather Lighton-

image courtesy of Heather Lighton-

Michael Meneghetti 

The Beep Test is better than art

In a modified set up at Kings Ari, a nine metre Beep Test track has been laid out to see what fitness level participants can achieve. The Beep test (otherwise known as the Shuttle run) works by running in short sprints back and forth at the start of a beep. There are ten shuttle runs to every level and the frequency of the beeps increases as the test rolls on, making it harder to continue running. When a participant can longer keep up with the beeps, the last level reached determines the fitness. The Australian Defence Force fitness test passing requirement is level 7.5. 

More often than not, health and physical well being is not cultivated into a professional art practice. With Art, the level of excellence achieved is gauged in a subjective manner, through suffering, sacrifice and determination. Fitness improvement is linear, it starts with a commitment similar to art producing tangible results.

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